Church School

FAITH FORMATION: "God put a million doors in the world for his love to walk through...One of them is you!"

 The "Kingdom Kids", ages 3 through Grade 5:

10:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.  Sundays September through May

3’s and 4’s

K – 2nd grades

3rd – 5th grades

  (For information on grades 6 through 12 see YOUTH MINISTRY.) 


Our Children's Faith Formation mission:

 Our mission is to help our youngest family members build a firm faith foundation by learning:

·         What it means to have faith

·        What it is we are putting our faith in, and

·         how to rely on our faith to help ourselves and others

St. John’s is committed to creating an environment where children are welcome and accepted so that they can grow.  We offer a safe space for questions and exploration.  (*St. John's Safe Church Policy in place)

A message from Pastor Jeff...

At this moment, I cannot tell you when we will be able to resume in person Church School. I can tell you that if we are able to do so prior to there being a vaccine that is widely available, our schedule will be different. When we are able to gather, we will have one service at 9:30. I suspect, though it is not yet certain, that Church school would follow that service at 10:30. My thinking at this moment is that our younger grades would have Church School every Sunday while our middle and high schoolers and our adult groups would meet in person on alternate Sundays.

Church has changed more radically in the last six months than it has in the last ten years. Prior to the pandemic we pretty much did things as we had always done them, even if it was with fewer people. Going forward one thing is certain: nothing is certain! Given this new reality we are at a moment in our life together where we have the opportunity to reassess what will be the shape of this part of our ministry.

If you are currently a teacher or leader and wish to continue – thank you and bless you! Please let me know. If you feel that God might be nudging you to be a leader and teacher – thank you and bless you! Please let me know.

I suspect that at the very earliest, it will be October before we gather and even that is not certain.

I give God thanks for you all.