Church School

FAITH FORMATION: "God put a million doors in the world for his love to walk through...One of them is you!"

 Church School Classes; Birth through Grade 5:

9:15am to 10:15am  Sundays September through May

Birth through age 2

3’s and 4’s

K – 2nd grades

3rd – 5th grades

  (For information on grades 6 through 12 see YOUTH MINISTRY.) 


Our Church School mission:

 Our mission is to help our youngest family members build a firm faith foundation by learning:

·         What it means to have faith

·          what it is we are putting our faith in, and

·         how to rely on our faith to help ourselves and others

St. John’s is committed to creating an environment where children are welcome and accepted so that they can grow.  We offer a safe space for questions and exploration.  *St. John's Safe Church Policy in place


 Church School News

The Key Bible Verse for October is Deuteronomy 6:5. "Love the Lord God with all your strength."

October 29: People Build a Tower at Babel - Genesis 11:1-9; We need God.

November 5: Abram Follows God's Direction - Genesis 12:1-8; We can always trust God.

November 12: Lot and Abram Divide the Land - Genesis 13; God wants us to put others first.

November 19: God Makes a Covenant with Abram - Genesis 15:1-18; God has good plans for us

November 26: Abraham Has Three Visitors - Genesis 18:1-19:29; God does amazing things.