Parish Health Nurse & Council

When Should I Call Our Parish Nurse?

St. John's has had a Parish Nurse Ministry for 17 years.  If you have not had any major health issues in your family, you may not know how our Parish Nurse can help you or your loved ones.  The following situations are the most common reasons members have found this ministry to be so helpful:

 - Receiving a new diagnosis.  Our Parish Nurse can help you to understand the diagnosis and what lifestyle changes may be necessary.  She can also go to doctor appointments with you for support and clarification of information received.

 - Transitioning from one style of living to another.  Our Parish Nurse can help families to sort out the options and make informed decisions.

 - Facing end of life decisions.  Our Parish Nurse can inform you of services available and support you and your family on this extremely important and difficult journey.  We all can use knowledgeable, caring support.

Please keep these things in mind when someone you know is going through a medical crisis and you think to yourself, "I wish I could offer more help."  Maybe, the answer is to suggest our Parish Nurse. 

BrendaLee Howell, RN, would be happy to discuss any of your concerns in confidence.  For more information, please call 610-759-0893.

The Parish Health Council consists of 10 members that include men and women that vary in age and educational background including the Parish Nurse. They meet on a monthly basis to discuss current and future programs that will best meet the health needs of the congregation. The committee members provide support to the Parish Nurse through out the year with programs offered. This becomes most obvious during larger events that require a lot of team work. The Parish Nurse depends on the Health Council to keep her informed of any issues the congregational members may casually express an interest in so that those topics can be addressed appropriately. The Health Council members, along with the Parish Nurse also meet on an individual basis with congregational members when their areas of expertise fit a specific health need.

Blood Pressures - A member of the Parish Health Council is available the second Sunday of every month to take blood pressures in the Miko Chapel following each worship service.

BrendaLee Howell, RN

Parish Health Nurse