Welcome to reVision at St. John’s!

reVision, a program from The Center For Progressive Renewal, is an initiative that seeks to strengthen and support individuals and congregations as they seek to bring about a more just and generous world.

reVision, is a journey. It offers us strengthening of our spirits, our relationships with God and each other, and of discovering which ministries God is prompting our congregation to revitalize as we seek to transform our community.

You have been hearing about reVision for some time. To learn about it's concept view the video to the right. Then below view some first-hand stories from three of our St. John's members and how they think of reVision will help us grow and transform.

reVision Intro Video


reVision Introduction Video


Annie Schaller Lori Deutsch Keith Dawe
Do You Ever Wonder?
by Annie Schaller
reVision is Like Remodeling a Home
by Lori Deutsch
reVision is Like a Team Sport
by Keith Dawe


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